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Employment Today, HR Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Employment Today, HR Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Search Operators

Table of the Search Operators




Looks for verbs from the stem, not nouns.

No operator required.

Usage: employ
Will retrieve: employ, employing, employed, employs
Will not retrieve: employer, employee, employment, etc.

A document must contain all words, in any order.


Usage: positive & culture
Will retrieve: encourages a positive attitude towards health and safety issues within an organisation's culture.
The manual needs to reflect the culture of the workplace and be expressed in positive terms.

Two or more words must occur in the exact order specified.

" "

Usage: "health and safety inspector"
Will retrieve: Infringement notices can only be issued by a health and safety inspector.

A document may contain either any, or all of the words entered.


Usage: hire|recruit|employ
Will retrieve: Documents with any of the words hire, or recruit, or employ.

Eliminates specified words from the search.


Usage: illness^injury^terminal
Will retrieve: Documents with the word illness.
Will not retrieve: Documents with the words illness and injury, or illness and terminal, or illness and injury and terminal.

Replaces multiple unknown characters in a word.


Usage: employ*
Will retrieve: employ, employs, employable, employed, employee, employees, employer, employers, employment.

Unordered proximity
Words will occur within the specified number of words.

@specify the number of words

Usage: "compensation injury"@5
Will retrieve: Employees who are absent from work due to a work-related injury are entitled to compensation for lost earnings during the first week of incapacity.

Ordered proximity
Words occur in that order within the specified number of words.

/specify number of words

Usage: "compensation injury"/5
Will retrieve: The purpose of the legislation is to ensure that claimants receive fair compensation for loss from injury.