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Employment Today Magazine

Employment Today is New Zealand’s leading independent HR and employment law magazine. It is written for people who manage people and each issue contains a range of features, opinion pieces, legal advice columns and employment news. This product contains all issues of Employment Today from January 2009 to the present.

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HR for Managers

HR Best Practice

HR Best Practice is designed for employers and human resources advisers. It provides practical tools and guidance to ensure best practices are followed in day-to-day human resources management, practical methods for dealing with basic operational issues, and guidelines on how to build productive employment relationships and be a fair and reasonable employer in compliance with the law.

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HR Partner

Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees covers the recruitment process, from interviewing to induction of new employees; it includes checklists, sample documents and position descriptions.

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Managing Performance

Managing Performance focuses on setting performance goals, appraisals, managing poor performance and performance-related pay systems. Includes sample documents and case studies.

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Payroll and Compliance

Payroll and Compliance provides legal and practical commentary with worked examples of how to calculate pay, and covers compliance information on employment issues, such as employment agreement, hours of work, KiwiSaver obligations, taxation (as it relates to payroll), termination and leave.

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HR Forms

HR Forms contains helpful commentary and a wide selection of sample letters, checklists, and forms that will assist with achieving procedural compliance from recruitment to exit.

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Health, Safety, and ACC

Legal and practical information on occupational health and safety and New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme, including a detailed guidance and checklists for audits and a chapter on hazard management with guidance on specific hazards.

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Protecting Employees

Commentary best practice, sample policies and forms to maintain a harassment-free workplace, when considering EEO, human rights and privacy legislation.

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Training Programmes

This service assists with assessing training needs, designing and implementing programmes, and evaluating training, it includes sample policies.

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Exiting Employees

Exiting Employees contains the essentials of resolving employment problems, how to navigate the disciplinary process, personal grievances, and ending the employment relationship. Exiting Employees also includes legislation, cases, checklists and sample documents.

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Alert24 - People Management

The Alert24-People Management service provides emailed information on developments relevant to the work of senior managers and HR practitioners. It covers issues of interest to people who manage people, including employment cases, legislation updates, labour market trends, and research and analysis relating to people management, recruitment and employment.

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Related Products

Employment Law

Employment Law is and in-depth annotated commentary service that provides coverage of the Employment Relations Act 2000 and associated regulations and case law. Designed to be a practical guide to employment law, it is written and updated by five of New Zealand's leading employment practitioners.

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Personal Grievances

Personal Grievances covers every aspect of personal grievance resolution and litigation. This is a fast-changing and increasingly important area of law, and Personal Grievances is designed to provide clear practical and procedural advice from some of New Zealand’s leading employment lawyers. Whether the advice is to an employee or an employer, Personal Grievances is a complete resource.

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The Employment Agreement

The Employment Agreement contains commentary on employment agreements and legal compliance, including sample agreements and over 100 model clauses. Its content is geared to let you customise it to suit your own style.

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Personal Grievances Precedents

Personal Grievances Precedents is a comprehensive collection of the documents and materials needed to conduct a personal grievance action. The precedents, prescribed forms and checklists have been authored by one of New Zealand’s leading employment lawyers.

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Employment Cases (Summaries, and Judgment Text and PDFs)

Employment Cases includes over 25,000 cases reported in the Employment Reports of New Zealand as well as other employment cases from the Supreme Court, Privy Council, Court of Appeal, High Court, Employment Court, Labour Court, Arbitration Court, District Courts, Employment Relations Authority, and Employment Tribunal.

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Staples & Tax Rates Guide

This product contains in-depth commentary on tax related legislation, IRD policy, tax compliance procedures with over one hundred individual topic-based chapters and comprehensive coverage of the current and historic major tax rates, in commentary and table form including income tax tables, foreign exchange rates, livestock values and costs, PAYE tables, and ACC employer premium tables.

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Staples Tax Guide Archive

Staples Tax Guide Archive contains copies of each edition of Staples Tax Guide published since April 2012. Each year's edition provides you with the latest legislation and case law for the income tax year ending 31 March of that year.

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IRD Booklets & Newsletters

This service contains all current IRD booklets covering taxation, child support, accident compensation and student loans. A full archive of the following IRD newsletters is also included: Employers' Tax Update/Payroll News, Business Tax Update, Agents Answers, GST News, and Corporate Contact/Large Enterprises newsletters.

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