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Restaurant owners ordered to pay $11,500 for employment breach

Restaurant owners ordered to pay $11,500 for employment breach
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New Zealand

Two Dunedin restaurant employers have been ordered to pay $11,500 by the Employment Relations Authority.

Following a Labour Inspectorate investigation, Hai Ung and Vuochhuor Ung, who operate the South Dunedin Curry House, have been penalised for failing to keep accurate wage, time and leave records.

Labour Inspectorate regional manager Jeanie Borsboom said the employer was one of 41 businesses proactively visited by the Inspectorate in Dunedin in November 2017. "When questioned about why they did not have employment records, Mr Ung told the Labour Inspector he ‘forgot’.”

The employers were also visited previously by the Inspectorate in 2007 following a complaint from three employees and were found to have breached the Minimum Wage Act, failed to keep accurate records and did not have employment agreements.

“These employers had been in business for nearly 20 years and should be well aware of their obligations to all employees," said Borsboom.

“This should send an obvious message to employers that where the Labour Inspectorate has visited your business, we expect to see continued compliance, and we will hold employers to account where this isn’t the case,” she said.

Mr and Ms Ung have been placed on the employer Stand Down list for 18 months and will be prevented from hiring migrant workers for that time.


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Jeanie Borsboom; Hai Ung; Vuochhuor Ung
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Employment Relations Authority; Labour Inspectorate; South Dunedin Curry House
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