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Middlemen watch out warns futurist

Middlemen watch out warns futurist
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New Zealand

Middlemen watch out.

The New Zealand Herald reports that's the message to New Zealanders from a leading physicist and futurist Michio Kaku, who is touring NZ for his latest book The Future of Humanity.

Jobs on the out aren't just limited to blue-collar gigs, according to Kaku. He says middle-class professions like real estate agents and financiers are among a myriad of jobs in the crosshairs.

"You're going to have to add something more to being a broker. You're going to have to add intellectual capital, know-how, experience ... innovation," he says.

According to the University of Auckland's Professor Elizabeth George everything from taxis to food production and education is rife for disruption.

She says studies reveal that people who have operated as a contractor, for the likes of Uber for example, have failed to see the economic progress, traditional employees see in their employment.

This is making them increasingly skeptical of large tech operators, she says, which is something that socially we need to pay attention to.

Read more on the issue here.

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