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Employers are falling behind in utilising social media to attract talent

Employers are falling behind in utilising social media to attract talent
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New Zealand

New Zealand is lagging behind the rest of the world by not harnessing social media for employment recruitment, says Frog Recruitment’s Jane Kennelly.

Frog analysed the use of social channels by more than 50 New Zealand organisations for six months in 2018, revealing most are missing opportunities to reach more candidates.

Ninety-two percent of organisations came up short in making the most of social recruitment. Only 29 percent use YouTube for posting video content and fewer than 10 percent use Instagram, in the belief that it is not relevant to them. A whopping 92 percent are missing the leverage power of LinkedIn.

“The figures are concerning, particularly as LinkedIn is viewed as a ‘go-to’ research platform by career seekers who want to see what an organisation and its people are like," says Kennelly.

And when Frog ran an Instagram driven social campaign, more than 37,000 people visited the company website looking for career opportunities. "In the last year we have seen a 38 percent increase in followers who like and tag jobs. These numbers defy the ho-hum attitude to this channel,” says Kennelly.

With 50 percent of the global working population predicted to be Millennials – the generation that has embraced social media as their preferred communication channel – by 2020, then it is now an urgent training issue for human resources teams or hiring managers to be up to speed with understanding how to use diverse talent attraction methods to stand out and be seen, she says.

“Recruiting has evolved well past just posting job ads and morphed into working with companies to utilise their existing social media channels more effectively to attract the right talent through the door. And in a time when New Zealand is facing its lowest unemployment rate in ten years, extending the use of your social media is not to be scoffed at.”


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